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Practising music can be a real challenge for both the child and the parent. One of our founders, who is the father of a young music student, has tried everything he can to help his child develop his skills.
He discovered that many families have similar problems when it comes to organising and motivating homework for a young musician.
Since there are no easy-to-use solutions on the market, he decided to create a product that will help millions.

Kids learn better with fun

Children who have to exercise daily often lack motivation and mental stamina to maintain consistent work on improvement.

Teachers are not same

Inspirational and tactful teachers are not available for every talented kid. Many are overwhelmed.

Parents are the decisive factor

Parents very quickly out of their child's level to support them - in terms of knowledge, time and money.


INSTRIC is a cat - playful, clever, audible, nimble and independent. Finally, every child has access to an assistant for music practice that listens, understands, helps, praises and entertains.

Like a favourite game

With challenges, characters, level-ups and trophies. The traditional game controller is replaced by the musical instrument.

Hands Free like Fitness app

As little tapping as possible, because INSTRIC hears the instrument and accurately evaluates the effort.

Smart organiser

Easily set and adjust tasks for practice sessions which are completed by working on them as scheduled.

Awesome Team

We are 2 determined and constantly learning experts in the disciplines of Music, Management, Design, Machine Learning.


Visionary Conductor

A music parent, a designer with experience in IT management.

“I believe that with the technologies and practices available, there is much room for improvement in the tools used to enhance musical skills. We will start with the basics and grow with them to the professional realm”


Machine Learning Composer

Student of Computer Science, Machine Learning Researcher.

“The recent progress in machine learning and sound processing has opened a range of exciting new methods. I believe we can leverage these insights to enable a whole new approach to music education.”


Development Virtuoso

For our team, we are looking for creative mobile and game (Unity) developer with as many skills as possible. Good project management and communication skills are also important.

Apply for Beta access

Access early versions of INSTRIC and contribute to the development of the application by providing feedback.

Contact us!

Send us questions, ideas, suggestions and stories about learning music. Whether you are interested in investing, partnering or working with us - let us know!